DIY Chalkboard Paint fun

Mother Load

I know, I know, painting your own chalkboard is nothing new, but, I love working with chalkboard paint, coming up with different applications, using a wonderful product. Whether you're using Chalkboard spray paint, or roll on Chalkboard paint, you'll find that you can paint just about anything. You can paint ceramics, glass, plastic, wood etc.   Try painting a plate for a kitchen menu reminder or To Do list, paint a door to write recipes, or to remind your kids to take out the trash. Buy an inexpensive Craigslist end table for the kids, paint the top with chalkboard paint, for the only table they are allowed to color on.   Paint over an old framed painting, you have an instant chalkboard to hang up.  Paint jars or canisters for the kitchen.  Go to Dollar Tree, and pick up a plastic silver tray, it'll only cost you a buck + paint.  Create a labeled herb garden by painting clay pots.  It's so French:) 
 On top of all that, you're not limited on color anymore either, besides the old stand by green or black, you'll find every color of the rainbow at your local home improvement, or craft store. 
Check out how cute some of these things are, your create juices may start flowing--- have fun!


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brown paper packages

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