So close, yet, so far

Although this looks like we’re almost done with building our home, it’s almost only halfway done:) I had no idea that a house had so many innards, and my dad used to build houses! We’ve had so much fun so far. We’ve been using a business that allows us to be heavily involved in the building process. We can do as much of the labor as we’d like which will cut down on our bottom line, and will build instant equity.  It's been such an eyeopener to be so involved, yet, it's been extremely rewarding to have our hands in every part of our home.

Before we started building, we heard 99 horror stories, and maybe 1 positive on building a home, so needless to say I was a little nervous Nellie about this. But, as we worked with our consultant/builder, we’ve found that some days it’s quite easy, and fun to build a house. We’ve run into a few glitches here and there, that’s life, but EVERYTHING CAN BE FIXED- if you remember that when building, you’re halfway there:) Here are a few snapshots of our progress so far. Next week we’ll be pouring my favorite rooms, the porches!!! I can hardly wait. As you can see we’re going for a country/farmhousey/cottagey kinda style, if that even exists.  After we have finished the house- I will be sure to post names of the businesses we deal with who we loved working with.  Can't wait to share with you.  I’d love to hear what you think so far, and if you ever need building advice- give me a holler:)