Do you have the time?

Restoration Hardware-French Tower Clock

Howdy, from rainy, cool Oklahoma.  Today I want to share a little problem I am having, I've been struggling with it for quite a while now.  My problem is that I am crazy for clocks- I know, you feel sorry for me, you may even be a little embarrassed for me.  I'm sure my curious compulsion started as a young girl when my German mama put up our official authentic cuckoo clock.  I absolutely loved that clock, until about 11pm when I'd be jolted out of my sound slumber by a crazed bird squawking at the top of his little bitty wooden  lungs.  Maybe that's not such a sweet memory.
Anyway,  I have quite a few clocks, I've even given some away, so I wouldn't feel like a woman with a problem.  But, now, with a new home in our future, I'm thinking of filling the hallway with clocks of all shapes and sizes- yes it'll be noisy,  in the middle of the night, but, my bedroom is nowhere near the hall, so I'm good.  Here are a few cuties I've found in just a few minutes of searchin.

photos  courtesy of Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Horchow, Target, Kirklands, The Find,  Simply Wall Clocks