When the weather gets frightful, get out the glue gun

OK, I've started working on my staircase stockings, and I can tell this is gonna be a brain buster:)  Do you ever start a project, and as you go the creative juices really start flowing.  So your last part of the project is so much more spectacular than the beginning.  Well, I've started the first 2 of 10 stockings, here's my sneak peek.  My hubby asked me to make a few 'man stockings' along the way..... I'll share the entire holiday staircase, once I've finished. 
Have a wonderful week , we're expecting our first snow here tonight.  Seriously?? Aren't we living in Oklahoma, where we had 60s last week, and earthquakes a month ago.  OK, back to the subject at hand.  Have a blessed week my friends, and stay warm, dry, and shake free:)