How Does Your Garden Grow

Something that excites me about moving out of the city is being able to grow a ginormous garden.  Now, you can grow a garden anywhere you want nowadays, but ginormous needs some space:) I love to get my hands in the soil- yes, I rarely use gloves, because I love the way rich dirt feels and smells, and get this, I love to go barefoot all the time, but that's another blog for another day.  So, needless to say I love to get into the dirt, plant, water, fertilize, and then watch God do His thing with that tiny seed.  It always amazes me how God brings something out of nothing.  He is so good.
So, I've been researching different types of gardening to see what kinds of herbs, veggies, fruits and nuts I'd like to grow organically from heirloom seed, heirloom trees etc, and I am so stoked about this.

Like most of you, I've had gardens here and there and absolutely loved all of it.  I'm finding that there are all kinds of techniques to not only grow, but you can arrange your beds to naturally keep pests away.  On top of all the benefits of good healthy produce, this will save a large amount on our grocery bill + we can share!!! I love to share, because so many of you, my good friends, have shared with me:)  I look forward to growing a healthy garden that's beneficial to both the earth and all the bodies who will eat of it's bounty.    What kind of a garden do you prefer?  I'd love to hear your input, and then maybe next year, you can come and reap the benefits of our first harvest. 

Take a look at these:

Have a great day!