My Pop

My daddy is dependable, kind, gentle, a man of his word, strong, wise, a man of God, loving, giving, crazy about my mom, quiet,a precious daddy, a wonderful grandfather, a great hunter and fisherman, smart, creative, a great woodworker,a veteran,and a loyal little brother. My dad means so much me. He's not perfect, but, neither am I:) He's taught me so much, he's prayed for me and my family & future. It's funny how we grow more appreciative of our parents as we age, and we wish we could go back and have alot more time with them.

I'm so sad for those of you who have lost your dad, or you may not have even known him as well as you could have. My prayer for you is that you will discover just how awesome our God is at filling that void- He will be a father to the fatherless-Psalm 68:5- and who better to be there than the creator of your soul, the one who knows you better than any other, and has your best interests at heart. Have a wonderful week this week, and if you fall into the category of 'fatherless'- please allow the master of all- to be your daddy.

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