an organized home is a happy home

A few years back, I got on this kick to start purging all of the junk out of my life, and to organize. The organizing bug started in my closets, and has taken over almost all areas of my life. I have alot of work to do yet, but, I'll get there. I've been helping a few girlfriends do the same, and it's been great to watch as they purge all the unnecessaries out of their lives, clean their homes, and enjoy the peace that comes with freeing yourself of all the clutter & chaos. Maybe this post will help you to throw away the extra lids, the dried up pens, the pile of junk mail, and to clean out drawer that collects everything.

An organized home/garage/office/closet gives us more time to devote to family, friends, volunteer work, etc. It's nice to have a need for something and to be able to find it right away. This method of organizing has been foolproof, so far. Give it a try 1 drawer, or 1 room at a time. As you continue, you'll find that it sort of snowballs, and before you know it, the entire house makes sense.

When organizing, I use the 'Bin Method', which is basically to set up 4 bins,or tubs which have been marked: KEEP, GIVE AWAY, NOT SURE YET, and TRASH. If you'll try this method, it will get you through every space.
Take it one step at a time- allot 2 hours tops to work on this, you don't want to get overwhelmed. When you're comfortable to take longer, do it. It's really fun!
If you're in a room that is full, start at the outside edge, work clockwise around the room, clearing a 4 foot path as you go, until the room is empty of clutter. The only thing that should remain is the furniture- then go back and "redecorate" carefully.

Lets Get Started:
Set your bins next to your project and pick up items 1 at a time, then, make the determination:
KEEP- I am keeping this- I use this- I have a deep sentimental attachment to it- it's important. If so, throw it in your KEEP bin.
GIVE AWAY- I love this, don't need it, this can be used by someone else, it's too nice, or useful to throw away. If so, throw it in your GIVE AWAY bin.
NOT SURE YET- (we all have this something we can't get rid of. Whether it be that saucer that has no matching cup. The 1 of 5000 pictures that Johnnie colored at 3 years, or the picture frames purchased 10 years ago 5 for a dollar) If you're not sure you can get rid of it, throw it in the NOT SURE YET bin.
TRASH- you should know this when you see it, old flyers, gum wrappers, hairballs, tags from clothes etc. If you see it, throw it in the TRASH bin.

After filling these bins, or getting overwhelmed- whichever comes first. Take your bins into a quiet place and start going through them in the order mentioned above. If you are keeping something, put the bin aside until you have finished, If you are giving something away, either call Salvation Army or that friend immediately and have them come and get it. If you're not sure yet, you will put these items in an area for 4 months/ putting a date label on the bin. If after 4 months you have not gotten anything out of that bin, understand that you don't need it, and give it away or throw it away. And lastly take your trash to the curb.

Good luck to you as you begin. More organizing posts to follow...........
photos courtesy of hgtv, BH&G, design diva, and DIY

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