there's no place like home

I've had many 'dreams' in my life, many of which, did not come true. To be a famous singer,to sit front row at a Leif Garrett concert, to ride a motorcycle, to get taller, and to live out in the country. Mind you, I've practiced singin in my hairbrush, and I'm pretty good. Leif Garrett never happened, and I've never had the nerve to ride a motorcycle. I'm too chicken and getting taller just isn't gonna happen. I stopped growing at about 12 years old, and was never meant to reach 5'4". The livin in the country thing, I didn't think that would happen either, until a couple of years back when my b-i-l asked us to go look at some land with him, and that was the beginning. The guys decided to split the land. So we can all build our 'grow old together'  homes next to each other. So now, we get to live on this fabulous acreage with my husbands brother and my sweet sis in law Karen (broccoli salad Karen:)
After much prayer and planning we're finally breaking ground today. I'll post some pics of the process throughout the build. Here are a few 'before' pics. Have a great day:)

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