Do you realize your worth?

My daughter and I have conversations that I will forever cherish.  Our relationship is the kind that I have always hoped to have with my sweet girl.  We can laugh and poke fun at each other, and we can have deep conversations about God, life, men and babies!   This young woman is going to be an amazing catch for the young man that God has chosen for her.  I am blessed beyond measure to know such a strong, confident, sweet, vulnerable and beautiful young lady. 
Today she has been sharing a great book that her bible study group is reading together.  The book is called 'Captivating' by Stasi Eldredge, and  I was a captive audience before the close of page 1 .  I appreciate authors like Stasi- very descriptive, to the point, adventurous, and always directing us to God and how He created you and I to be so full, so alive, and so free!
Men and women are so unique,  different in very special ways.  In this day and age, however, many have blurred the lines, where men are afraid to be strong, and protective of the one they love,  afraid to open doors, pay the dinner bill, respect her virtue.  And then there's women- oh my word- what have we become-  some are hateful, closed off , cold, afraid of trusting a man. Then there are some who are needy,  begging for someone to romance them, love and take care of them.  Some have got it all wrong.  Men and women both crave adventure, both love to be loved, and both have specific roles that only one or the other can play- God didn't create us the same- and I am so glad he did not, because we'd all be quite bored:) 

Something I wish I could see more of is a respect of the opposite sex, and appreciation for the way GOD has created them, rather than belittling or bashing.  We need to stop playing games, and stop relying on advice of those who don't know God, or don't care about His plan.
Take some time, and pray about what God has called you to be.  I would encourage you to allow God to define you, not Oprah, not Tyra and not even Ghandi.  You are worth Christ dying for you!  You are God's precious one.  Realize your worth, and don't short change yourself any longer.  When you have a chance please pick up Captivating by Stasi Eldredge- I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

Ephesians 2:10 ---For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

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