beautiful bargains

As we've started doing our part of this fabulous home build, we've been searching for the best deals in town, and then doing as much labor as we can to save even more.  Check out the Travertine tiles we got for way below cost at the local Builders Warehouse.  I love this pattern, and they are very easy to lay,  I'll be sure to post pics after I grout.

dining room floor

Fireplace waiting stacked stone treatment and timber mantel

another view of the dining room

love my little square windows:)

Next week our engineered wood flooring will be arriving- and believe me, it will knock your socks off-  I'll give you info on the flooring and the store that we've purchased from.  I can't wait for you to see. Well, I'm off to a 4 day tile-o-rama weekend.  See you soon kiddos


  1. I love that tile!! Let me know where you got it. We are going to be building a house next year and that tile is wonderful.

  2. Thanks Angela. We purchased this tile at Builders Warehouse at 7137 NW 10th, OKC- It's a no frills store, but they have some of the best builder prices in town. You just gotta watch to make sure you're also getting the good quality:) Can't wait to see your house build Angela. have a great day, and thanks for commenting