I did it!

Like so many of you I have fallen hard and fast for Pinterest!  Back in the spring, one of my girlfriends said "I need to invite you to Pinterest, you'll love it", months went by and finally this past summer I got my invite.  Pre Pinterest, I had no idea what I was missing, Post Pinterest sign up I'm wondering where has this been all my life:)  You can create a magazine of sorts, and fill it with things you love, things you'd like to do, or just things that inspire you.  Well, I've always been a crafter, early on, in the '80s I was a sewer, a woodworker, a stenciler, a painter, and what I like to call a Welcome Friends duck girl:) Back then,  all we had were PBS specials that inspired us to craft, cook, and garden.  I thought I had it all.  Now, my Pinterest has replaced my cable tv craft show, and magazine addiction.  So, in essence, I'm paring down:)  Here is my latest Pinterest tackle, and I want to share it with you because it truly is one of the easiest things I've done in a while! For instructions on creating this beauty, just head over to Miss Mustard Seeds site for instructions:)  http://missmustardseed.com/2011/10/christmas-halloween/

Here's what I whipped up this past weekend-
Materials 1 old splotchy, ugly, paint covered, washed canvas drop cloth, 4 yards osnaberg fabric (my favorite go to fabric for a lineny look without the linen price) , lots of hot glue sticks, Perry Como Christmas music in the background....................................

Please excuse the wrinkly old lady fingers, I've had them since birth.
Measuring the entire time ensures a nice project.  I measured up 2 1/2".  My ruffles were 3" wide
I placed a dot about every 12" for my 2 1/2" measurement
Just glue and smoooodge your ruffles a few inches at a time

You'll want to throw in the towel at about row 4 or 5, but just hang in there

ahhhh, more wrinkles and ruffles
Keep goin Sus, you're almost done!
looks like a little petticoat, doesn't she
She just made the tree!

my grandbaby said this is the girl tree now, because she has a pretty skirt on, and this
wrinkly fingered Mimi must agree!

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