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Some people have an aversion to painted furniture, however, I lOvE it!  And I personally believe that if you love a piece and it's yours, you can do whatever you want with it.  In 50 years when some little young gal pulls my little double decker caramel yellow table out of a pile in someones shed, I hope she'll do with it what ever she chooses to- knowing that I completely loved and enjoyed that piece of gorgeousness while she was mine.  Here are pieces I've done in the last few weeks,  and another is an old dresser that my sweet friend Jennifer had in her garage, ready to throw it out- it's one of my favorites now.   

If I can do this- ANYONE can do this..........................................................let me know what you think

Some of these pieces are painted using the new valspar sample paints that I decided to test out- the great thing is - you can do a pretty good sized piece of furniture with one $2.47 container of paint- Now that's a bargain. 

This picture  is my craft equivalent tribute to Pioneer Woman

Cast of Characters- Valspar paint sample, old trusty paint brush, mocha glaze

2 coats of paint on a lightly sanded old crusty table
Sand a few spots, glaze- and you are golden or 'dreamy caramel'

The scalloped edges and details on this table are what it's all about

My goodness little one, you are my sunshine

"ol crusty" saved from the curb spray painted baby blue with crystal knobs
She's a beaut!

Here another sweet little table I painted a celery green for my sweet daughter, once again I used a sample jar of paint (less than $3.00)Olympic paint I believe the color is called
Herb Cornucopia 6005-5C

She turned out lovely ( man somebody needs some photography lessons)

Here's another sweet little piece I found while in Eureka Springs- in a
sweet little second hand shoppe- it came with chippy paint attached for just

And this is an old family desk, we've had in our family for about 40 years, it was damaged in a flood about 30 years ago, so my plan is to paint the base, change out the knobs, and repairing and staining the top.  I hope that this will turn out as I imagine it will.

I'm no respecter of paints, I'll use spray paint, milk paint, house paint, anything, as long as I love the finish.  So go ahead, don't be ashamed, or afraid to paint- it's yours, the antique police can't hurt you:) Just kidding, antique police, I love you too.

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