Isn't she lovely...

How many of you spend waaaay too much time on craigslist? Well, I'm a craigslist fiend, almost to the point of going to craigslist anonymous. I've got a problem. I don't know who this Craig fella is, but what a great idear:) Well, anyway I found a bargain, it's a gorgeous dresser, and she's beautiful, dontcha think???

I love her and she only cost me $30! Yep, $30. and zero cents. She needs a little TLC and some polishin up...............

But, for $30.00 I'm willing to spruce her up............

I think with a little elbow grease, some apple green paint, and mahogany stain, she'll be the envy of the hood........

I'll be working on her for a while, and I'll be happy to share sneak peeks along the way


  1. From trash to treasure. That is a treasure! You will make her beeeeeutiful in no time.

  2. WOW...that is one awesome $30 treasure! She looks like she is in real good shape!


  3. That is a beauty - can't believe the price! Linda

  4. I would die if I found that dresser!! PLEASE be sure to show us the transformation.

  5. Susi, that's a gorgeous old oak piece. I might think twice about painting that one. I don't love new oak, but the older oak is quite pretty. But, I'm sure it will be pretty painted too.

  6. She is beautiful. There are quite a few spots where the veneer has chipped off, if I can rescue this piece with refinishing, I most certainly will:) If not, that apple green is callin my name. Thanks for all of the encouragement and great advice girls.