Will my house smell like a pickle???

A couple of years ago, I had this natural cleanser obsession. I wanted a very clean house, but, I didn't want to use cleansers that were so stinkin caustic. You've got to think about those things when you have little ones, or pets crawling around on the floor. I was watching Kim and Aggie of "How Clean is your House", and noticed that they would always use cleansers that could be found in your pantry. Seriously, some things that you may already have, right under your nose. Not only will this way of cleaning make the air easier to breathe, it will also be so easy on your pocketbook, which makes sense during this recession.
So, I decided to give it a shot. I got together some "recipes" from the internet: vinegar, baking soda, lemons, salt, washing soda (arm & hammer) borax and a few more items. My first test was to use baking soda and white vinegar in my smelly garbage disposal. I poured about a cup of baking soda in the disposal, followed by a 1 cup vinegar chaser- then BOOM, FIZZ, pickle smells, and such. I left it for about 5 minutes, and then poured a pot of boiling water down the drain to rinse it all away. It worked. My stinky disposal smelled fresh. I started to use vinegar all over, not me, my house:) In the beginning I was afraid that my house would smell all pickley (is that a word?), but when vinegar dries, it's odorless. I washed windows with it, I cleaned toilets, drains, shower doors & countertops with a diluted mix. Vinegar can be used as a fabric softner, disinfectant or deoderizer, and a weed killer, WOW. Same goes for lemons, you can put salt on a lemon half, and use it to scrub away soap scum, You can mix lemon juice with olive oil for a fresh smelling furniture polish, lemon peels through the garbage disposal always freshen things a bit. Baking Soda can be used as an abrasive cleaner. You could go crazy with all of this. Now, I must admit that sometimes, you've got to pull out the nuclear cleanser to get the caked on, icky, yucky stuff clean, and I had to do that initially, but, after that, when I stayed on top of everything- my natural cleansers kept everything nice, fresh and worry free. If you're interested in keeping your home chemical free, you'll find all kinds of helps on the web for everything from laundry detergent to pest controls. Now, I have some skull & crossbones cleansers under my kitchen sink for those lazy cleaning days (what an oxymoron), but when I do use the natural cleansers, I feel like a good steward of my dollars, my lungs and air in my home:)


  1. I'm so glad that you finally decided to jump into the blogging world with both feet!! I am very excited for you!!

  2. Thank you Denise- I must say that you and Cindy have been very instrumental in that!