Sarah Richardson Design

Decorating has always been such a hoot for me. When I think back to the 80's and all the mauve, seafoam green, and dusty blue, I just gotta giggle. I had all of it, how many of you had a set of "welcome friends" ducks, or the goose cookie jar that you painted in ceramics class? Now, if you still have this stuff, don't knock it, enjoy it. The funny thing about decorating is that most things, just like fashion, come back into style:), and then again, some things should just be given away. I'm really getting excited about building a new home, I love the challenge of decorating on a budget, and I love, love, love design.

So my theme is this: everything old is new again. I've been inspired to go back to country style, but this is more of a modern country. Just enough contemporary mixed with vintage pieces, is perfect for me. I've been watching Sarah Richardson for years, first on Room Service, then on Design Inc.,she's an excellent designer. Well now, she's doing this thing where she buys existing homes, and totally refurbishes them. Well, most of the time she decorates with a really classic contemporary style that is so cool, but, she has purchased an old house in the country, totally gutting the inside and rebuilding in a modern country cottage style. I love it! I want my new house to look like this. FUN!!! Just look at some of her rooms............ When we start the build, I'll blog the process. I'm hoping to really capture a New Country cottage design.

You can see some of the program by clicking here


  1. I love your phrase "I heart ducks" to describe that 80's style of decorating. i use it all the time.