Well, for about 8 months now, we’ve been livin in a rent home while we prepare to build our little home in shangri-la, and I’ve just been soooo out of my element. I’m not too fond of living in other peoples houses. Before we had sold our home, I was a cookin, cleanin, craftin, organizing, decorating machine, most of the time.
Since we’ve been here, ehhhhhh, not so much...............................of anything. Mr Susi Homemaker used to ask “So, what are we having for supper tonight?”, well, after asking that question about 12 times and watching me stomp my feet, and whine about ‘this tiny 1 woman kitchen’, and ‘all my good kitchen tools are packed away’, and ‘I can’t cook in these conditions’, he finally stopped. My poor little starving daughter asks, “Mom, why do you only cook when we have company?” (She’s 19 ½ by the way, totally capable of preparing a 5 course meal of hotdogs and or chicken nuggets with all the trimmings). After the 9th or 10th time of my girl asking this question, I said to myself, “Self, why is everyone picking on you?”
I had to have a talkin to with myself this past weekend, and was gently reminded, by God ( can’t argue with Him) ,that I’ve never had that dream kitchen, I’ve never had tons of room, or all the right tools, and very rarely have I had all the right ingredients. I am, however, missing that desire to nest and nurture- and I need to (Insert Cher’s voice from movie Moonstruck here)- SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!
So I did it, I decided it was time to straighten up this girls attitude, so I started this week out by making some things to go with Mr. Homemakers grillin- I’ll share a couple of those recipes with you tomorrow. But, here’s a teaser- Moms German Potato Salad, Karens Summery Broccoli Salad, & Minnies Peach Cobbler. Oh, yeah, I know your mouth is waterin right now. I’ll see you tomorrow, in the meantime have a wonderful day full of God’s incredible provision. He is good!

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