Life can't be all flowers and sausages

Well, the last few years have been a stretch for me.  I've helped plan a wedding, sent my son off to the military, helped gut and rebuild a house, tiled a house, remodeled some of my own house,  watched my beautiful dil and son have my first grandbaby, landscaped my house then sold my house, moved to a rental, graduated my baby from high school, and dealt with my son being deployed to a horrible place for a year.  This year good things have come to those who wait, and I must take a little break.  I'll have tons of stories and pics for you- but here are some of the blessings we're overflowing with right now:  We're expecting our second grandbaby any day now:), my son has just returned from the military to live the civilian life:), our home is being built-and we are getting ready to get really busy, and my baby girl is preparing herself for a 5 month mission trip across the world, next spring- that will be hard- but life can't be all flowers and sausages..................................can it?!?!?!:)

Love you all

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